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An EICR is an Electrical Installation Condition Report, which is mandatory upon all domestic and commercial landlords to undertake. This should be carried out every 5 years or at the beginning of each new tenancy. The purpose of an EICR is to ensure all fixed electrical wiring in the premises meets current safety and compliance regulations. It will also flag up any underlying issues with the electrical installation, in which case proposed remedial works will be discussed with the client. The electrics, wiring, fuse board and all related components are thoroughly checked during the inspection. Only a NICEIC accredited electrician at contractor level or higher can carry out an EICR inspection and certify the installation’s safety and compliance. 

During the EICR inspection, the electrician will carry out a visual assessment along with the necessary tests on the electrical system. Any problems that compromise the safety of the consumer or are immediately dangerous will be fixed or at least made safe during the inspection visit. Any lesser problems will be recorded and a quote given to the client for the remedial work necessary. A comprehensive report will be completed during the inspection, a copy of which will be given to the client accordingly. 

On the day of the inspection, the electrician will need full access to all lights, switches and sockets in the property, as well as the fuse board. Please ensure the area is as clear as possible to facilitate access. The power supply will be turned off for the duration of the visit, so please keep this in mind and plan your day accordingly.

Depending on the size of the property and any issues identified, the inspection visit could take several hours to complete. The electrician will thoroughly check the safety and compliance of the fuse board (including RCD protection and circuit breakers) and the earthing. All light switches, plug sockets and accessories will be examined to check that they have been correctly installed. (Please note that appliances are not included in the EICR; these can be inspected separately).

It is likely that the inspection will highlight issues in the wiring that are only apparent on close examination by an electrician. Any problems that are found in the initial check tend to be the most urgent to repair. A quote for remedial work may not always be given to the client immediately. Occasionally, another visit may be needed by the electrician to reassess and discuss the options available. 

Separate to the EICR, we offer Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). This is the testing of any appliance that can be moved and disconnected from the power supply. PAT tests are highly recommended to ensure the maintenance and safety of appliances in the property and to prevent any harm arising from their use.

Our electricians install, adapt and carry out maintenance on all aspects of the electrical system, from circuit boards and cabling to light fixtures and fittings. They can also identify and diagnose issues within the electrical system and appliances. All works are certified to comply with BS 7671. Our electricians are fully qualified and their work complies with the latest industry regulations. All work is carried out to our electricians’ highest standard; to this end, we guarantee their workmanship for 12 months. This guarantee extends to all materials and parts supplied by us.

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